trainer's card
name: Kippie
ID no.: ???
class: Maniac
nature: Rash
money: 0 pokédollars
pokedéx: 498
Preferred pronoun 'motherfucker'

I want to play Dramatical Murder, but I have noooo idea how to install it.  Much less using wineskin.  Bleeeehhhh…


If Tumblr made a videogame

Me fifteen minutes ago: Doo da lee do time to sleep bc I am tired
Me twelve minutes ago: *finally gets comfortable and closes eyes*
Me one minute ago: *suddenly remembers 12 horror games, 6 creepypastas, 33 ghost stories…………..*
Me now: *turns on beautiful glowing computer* Hi guys *turns on all the lights* sleep is for the weak haha right, right….

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AUGH i thought I was just SO WEIRD for the longest time it comes and goes, i’ve got two spots at the back of my head rn that I’m fixated on really badly but at least they’re small enough patches to stay hidden beneath regular hair most of the time

Man I used to be really bad about head hair, when I was 12 I nearly plucked myself bald.  At some point I found out that if you smile a lot your brain actually becomes convinced that it’s happy, so I tried the same tactic on myself - every time I caught myself pulling hair out of my head, I over-exaggerated my “OWW” and winced as hard as I could.  About a year and a half of doing that and I haven’t plucked a single hair off my head since, I’m pretty proud of myself for tricking my brain into thinking that somehow my head hair hurts to pluck but not my eyelashes. ;^;

It’s a hard and weird little mania to have.  Wonder if you could try and psyche yourself out kinda like I did?  I’ve never met anyone else that accomplished that for trich, though I did meet some other compulsive disordered people that did something along those lines to success.

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hahah like the worst thing to bond over HEY WE RIP OUR HAIR OFF YO at least I’ve reduced it to my eyelashes/leghair (when that grows out)

I have no idea how people without trichotillomania handle waxing, that’s such a weird thought that the same people who are like WOW DOESN’T IT HURT TO PULL YOUR EYELASHES OUT yank all their hair off their bodies.  Especially bikini waxers.

Such an odd thought… I wish I remembered what life was like before I yanked my hair out bc it felt relieving…

I have my computer back…

…but it’s not fixed.  I still wait to see if it will be repaired or replaced.

Current forecast is replaced, but my folks are unwilling to spend money.  Could be a while, I’ll probably have another half year with this broken thing at worst.  Or until it crashes entirely.

Mmmmmmm I made the peeerfect steak

My cooking-fu is getting even better +15 good waifu points to me

Hah haaah, Zoe Quinn, what the fuck.

Revolting… way to cheat the system then cry out as the victim.

Doing some stuff while I wait on my computer